You Can Learn How to Make 30K Per Quarter!

One of Our Advanced Options Strategies is the 30K-QT specifically instructed by Coach Dino.

By learning how to repeat this strategy equals 120K annually, access to more capital, while building your Net Worth exponentially!

LIVE Professional Coaching, Realtime Market Data, and Winning Strategies!
Community Learning and Private
1-on-1 Coaching Sessions Available!
Comprehensive Education, Trading Checklist, and Entry-Exit Indicators!

Coach Dino has been trading as a hobby for 10+yrs 
so you start like an expert!

Whatever You Think You Know About Trading Stock & Options Just Got Better!

Coach Dino, Master Options Trader

As an Educator, Coach Dino has built a dynamic portfolio of successful financial courses. Whether you're trading stock, options or advanced, he provides comprehensive lessons in how to consistently remain profitable.  

"One of the greatest lessons I've learned about people who trade stock, is they rarely want to sell inside of profit. They become attached to the stock, not realizing that you're in it to make money--like the big institutions.

My Coaches and I teach the strong elements of the Market to keep you profitable. Those are the elements which remain your guide as you learn and grow.

You're going to know when the Market is going up, down or even sideways. You're learn how to read charts, and clearly understand how to determine if the stock is profitable or not. Yet, as you grow into a proficient stock and options trader, not only will your financial life change. You will also reach the destiny of self mastery, as this level of trading requires discipline, patience, and focus!

It's a great place to be in life, especially if you're learning and building with family and friends. So get ready, and we look forward to seeing you reach this level of personal and financial mastery!



That Includes Everything You Thought Never Would!

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You Automatically Become A Community Member And No Member Get's Left Behind!

You have access to every resource and strategy we have to prevent you from being 'left behind' during and after the course. We take pride on our online visible policy to ensure you're fully attentive, and engaged. Plus, we know life shows up, so we provide the replays and access to catch-up 1-on-1 coaching sessions. It's built into the course!


Getting your work stations set-up is key to staying organized and efficient as a Trader.
As a Trader, learning the language and terminology prepares you for the learning exchange. 
Principles like: The Time Value of Money, The Rule of 72, and Compounding Interest helps to set strategy.
Mathematically, we're simply using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Learning the Market and the Indexes help you to truly understand Market psychology.
Our financial information allows you to have better conversations with Financial Advisors and Peers alike.
Now you're ready for charts, moving averages, trend lines, and volume for entry and exit points.
Learning how to optimize your research saves time, as you know what to look for instead of investing in what you like or products you buy. 
One-On-One Coaching helps you to get clear on what progress you're making, and the areas where most support is necessary.
Understanding Order Forms is simple, but ensuring your orders are filled promptly without slippage is just as important.
We finish with you taking all the profit that the Market is giving you consistently! 

Our Community Has Represented
Black Excellence Before It Was A Hashtag!


When you join the FOCUS Community, the benefits and privileges keep piling up. It's normal to improve your quality of life through the profits made from trading the Stock Market.

We sponsor upscale socials, vacations, retreats, and so much more where you'll meet some of the best people, investors, and financially free individuals who look just like you or not.

We're inclusive of all people, yet we understand we attract more Black Professionals and Business Owners than anyone else. Our financial portfolio of intellectual property is vast, so your family and friends are more than welcome to join us!

FOCUS has helped thousands of people just like you, reach their goals, dreams, and aspirations through our platform. And, You're Up Next! 



Becoming Profitable In the Market Requires You Take What the Market Gives You!

When you understand that you cannot get ahead in life by trading time for money with your job. You will become very serious about your next move.

FOCUS Traders follow a simple rule: "Take What the Market Gives You" which coincides with our promise to always give you better than our very best!

We simply replace the guess work with solid education and training so you can successfully trade the Stock Market. We show you how to set realistic financial trading goals, and simply take what the Market gives you.

All trading goals don't come into fruition. However, the most important thing is not to lose money, and strategically take what the Market gives you!

Perhaps, you have a challenge preventing you from trading the Market besides knowing how to do it successfully.  

You have 1 income stream and a retirement reserve, which may not be enough to continue in your preferred lifestyle. Maybe there is significant debt, student loans or low credit scores. Even if you had all of the above, there are solutions and we have them.

Your paradigm shift to freedom is to not trade physical time for money anymore. Your solution is not another job or to create a hustle. They're the same thing.

You need to make your money work and grow without that process requiring you to trade more time for money.

We help you to understand the Time Value of Money (TVM), but not just in trading. We show you how to include TVM into your entire strategy to add even more value to your return on investment (ROI's). Your paradigm shift from worker-consumer into investor will allow you to see everything anew.

Not only will you understand how your money is worth more now, than the exact sum in the future due to its earning potential. You will become an expert at making financial and personal choices to include where, how, and with whom you spend your time with physically, and in conversation. We said it in the title: When You FOCUS, Everything Changes!   

We Give You Everything You Need to be Successful!

Live Instruction – live instructors appear on Zoom and conduct classes. They use concepts, examples, and question-and-answer sessions. Follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed.
Simulator – using a stock trading simulator we give participants a real-time experience trading stocks.
1-On-1 Coaching – each participant is offered a mandatory one on one session to clarify concepts.
Homework – each session is reinforced with homework to prepare for the next session. Participants are given a chance to ask questions and deepen their understanding of investing.
Resources – study documents and videos are shared to cover all the lessons.

Listen to Coach Dino Break Down 
trading strategies you Will learn!


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