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Learn everything you need to easily, correctly, and effectively Trade Stock and grow your savings, earn income, and build retirement and wealth!

Learn How to Trade Stock

Trading Stock is one of the best ways to earn income, eliminate debt, and build a financial future for you and your family. However, there are so many fallacies about trading that has been taught to us from others who know absolutely nothing about how to successfully trade.

The truth is, you can easily learn how to trade stock and we show you exactly how in 12 weeks. Not 12 weeks and you know. In 12 weeks you're going to see and understand how you have been knowingly trading by week 4. Not only will you understand how to trade by week 4, but you'll learn how to create a profitable strategy according to your own risk tolerance and budget.

What really makes the difference in whether you easily learn how to trade stock depends on who you're learning from, how they're teaching you, and more importantly; what they're teaching you. What makes the FOCUS® Legacy Investment Masterclass so successful is how our Coaches offer you patience, 1-on-1 sessions, and sequential (step 1, step 2, and step 3...) lessons!

In 12 Weeks You Will Learn:

Stock Market Principles

No more guessing or making costly mistakes because we show you how to evaluate Market psychology, terminology and formulas to calculate initial investments, returns and important data.

Selecting Profitable Stocks

No more listening to people who don't really know because we show you how to perform fundamental analysis, review Company summaries, and financials  to determine if it's a buy or not.

Reading Charts & Technicals

No more following dead trends and people who can't read candle sticks because we show you how to read candle sticks charts, moving averages, volume and various lines to predict upward and downward trends. 

Trade Management

No more watching your profit increase and then decrease because you don't know where to buy or sell. We show you how to prepare entry and exit points, read the options chain for high and consistent returns on your investments.

More Highlights From Our Comprehensive Course

Your entire perception will change once you understand the basics of how to be profitable trading in the Stock Market.
The Rules we teach you will eliminate costly mistakes you would normally make when investing or trading for excessive profits.
Our trading method and philosophy of how time cost you money, will transform how you see everyday life and place higher value time on your time, and your money!
Our trading strategies will have you making money in no time, but our Options strategies will have you making income and investment capital minutes!
In just 12 short weeks you can rapidly start growing your entire portfolio(s) to benefit the life you want to live.  

Class of June 2022

The FOUS Legacy Investment "We Got Options" training program gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a successful investor and trader. I highly recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants to learn about stocks, options, reading charts, and market patterns. I received a great amount of value at a reasonable price point.

After completing the course, I still have access to Coach and the members of the group I started with, plus some others. This keeps me focused on making positive returns on my plays.

Coach Dino is very knowledgeable and committed to guiding you down the path toward financial independence and wealth.

John F.

Career Professional

Class of June 2022

The knowledge acquired during our weekly sessions is invaluable, easily digestible to newcomers of the subject, and something that I will leverage towards my journey to financial freedom. Coach Dino is straight to the point, attentive to his student’s specific needs, and engaging. We live in a time where people can present themselves as experts or gurus but not deliver on their promises. This is absolutely not the case with Coach Dino. I am leaving this course fully able to trade and I am now confident that I can reach my own personal goals towards building financial wealth. I've also made the money I paid for the course back in less than 3 weeks, so everything I earn now is straight profit!


Career Professional

Class of June 2022

COACH DINO IS A GENIUS! I have learned so much from his stock class. My mind has been opened to so many different avenues that I NEVER knew existed! I didn’t know the in’s and out’s of options and trading until I took this class. If I would have taken this class before I started investing I. The stock market, I would’ve been so much further ahead. Dino patient and he breaks the concepts down so it’s easy to understand. You can read books. However, until you get the education that Dino’s stock class gives, you will not be able to immediately apply and earn as quickly as you would by taking this class!

Toria H.

Career Professional

Change Your Outcome
With Your Income!

You've been sitting on the sideline for far too long. Let the FOCUS® Legacy Investment Masterclass Coaches teach you, train you, and put you all the way in the game!

Learn how to do it yourself to change your financial positioning to long-term stability. As the saying goes: "if you don't have time to manage your own money, you need to re-evaluate your priorities!"

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