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Everyone doesn't have a Partner to begin their process of becoming financially free. We understand that, and have Coaches ready to become your Accountability Partner!

We provide 1-On-1 sessions as needed to ensure no man or woman is left behind. We also ensure you're caught up on all the lessons and assignments until you're able to self manage!


Finances has the ability to bring a Family together or tear it apart. We ensure togetherness inside our 'Family Unity' program to empower Family Members by assigning each family with a Coach!

Mindset Coaching availability supports young adult learning and the possibility of starting a family-fund that young adults learn how to help management by strengthening their capabilities.


What better way to ensure your friends, organization or church family has full access to financial education and the opportunity to grow individual, and group economics!

We provide excellent group rates, private course and a variety of specialized coaching to accommodate small groups and larger organizational requirements and needs.

We Stand Behind Our Education & Trading!

As President of Beautiful Men & Women, Inc. and Creative of the entire FOCUS® brand, our entire Team of trained, professional Educators and Coaches stand firmly behind the course and coaching programs we provide since 2009.

Our Educational portfolio is mission driven to empower our clients, their family, and friends with transformative ingredients to exponentially grow themselves, their income and net worth.

The FOCUS® Legacy Investment platform uses a step-by-step foundational approach to ensure you learn, retain, and can fully use the skills obtains in our course material to fulfill the legitimate goals of your life. No matter how big and audacious they may be!

We're probably one of the only Financial Education platforms who still utilize Live Coaching in 85% of our courses and coaching programs. Why? Because we believe in people learning best as a result of a transformational experience, not a recorded one!

FOCUS® Legacy Investment Stock Trading Masterclass

Stock Trading is the way you enter financial mastery and your Net Worth because you finally control how much you make from trading.

We teach you the principles and fundamentals of the Stock Market so your entire financial foundation is structured, disciplined, fear is eliminated, and the benefits of long term profitability is your future.

We educate and empower you with abilities to: use basic math, read stock charts, and develop Market psychology so you can trade and rebalance through market conditions. This is also where you learn excellent strategies to grow your money into finances, and your finances into capital gains.

Our Stock Trading course is designed to fully prepare you to safely, effectively, and to profitably trade Stock Options. In essence, everything builds from everything else, and the way we do anything is the way we do everything!  

FOCUS® Legacy Investment Options Trading Masterclass

"We Got Options" is next level education, as options trading is just another way to trade stock. It just has different rules, requires less of an initial investment, yet as with all investing and trading, it carries less risk when you're thoroughly educated.

Once the basic rules and concepts are learned, we provide a deep dive into the various strategies we have developed to make and grow money, finances, and capital. Which is essentially why our options traders are able to make substantial gains over short and long time periods.

We provide safe, cost effective, successful strategies that you can apply yearly and in any type of Market conditions. We make money when the market is up or down, and our Coaches tell you the truth about what is required for you to accomplish your financial goals, as well as work with you until you get there! We Definitely Have Options!

FOCUS® Legacy Investment Trade Floor Coaching

FOCUS® LIM Trade Floor is our Stock & Options Trading Live Coaching platform where community practice, leaning, and trading takes place. We're not loud or boastful with our trading success, but we are joyful and consistent.

The FOCUS® Trade Floor is where you'll see and hear trading strategies for day trading, swing trading, news and volume trading, scalping, shorts, and earning plays. You will also learn FOCUS® Delta Plays taught and executed by Coach Dino.

The FOCUS® Trade Floor is where we share views based upon coaching insight, breakthrough challenges, and become more proficient traders. We also have the 5 Figure Club, and those who are reaching status through our 30K per quarter strategy.

This is exactly why the Trade Floor Coach platform is the next level after learning how to trade stock options. Its continuous learning to move you towards using Options trading as your main source of income, and wealth building.

FOCUS® Legacy Investment Advanced Options

FOCUS® LIM Advanced Options is a series of educational courses provided by Coach Dino for those involved in growing capital beyond 6 figures. These courses are for proficient option traders only who embrace the Options Trading Lifestyle.

Advanced Options consist of hands-on teaching, and lectures detailing possibilities of placing larger amounts of capital in trades, during trades, and how to allocate funds to grow Net Worth.

This type of coaching is unique because the conversations are at a higher level filled with basic principles. Meaning, they are easily learned, understandable, and can be executed with specific stocks, and specific times periods in the Market.

Therefore, mindset is imperative, access to capital must be plentiful, and sharing is forbidden. Why? Everyone isn't prepared to trade at this level due to an increase in risk!And, to protect you, there is an application process.

FOCUS® Legacy Investment Wealth Management Coaching

FOCUS® Wealth Management Coaching, aka FOCUS® Millionaire In the Making Coaching program for those self managing 3+ asset portfolios with a combined worth of 300K+.

FOCUS® Millionaire In the Making was originally designed as a family program where more than one person is managing the investment portfolio. However, in 2022 it was expanded to individuals who are trading as their livelihood or at-least dedicated to growing a financial empire.

Assets can include Real Estate, and all other equitable assets with liquid capabilities. And, once an individual or family is under Coaching contract, tailored growth plans are developed, taught, and executed with advisory coaching available.

Requirements include the application process, along with consultation interviews and outsourcing references for larger investment opportunities.

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